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Shaping The Future of Italy's e-Healthcare
10/25/11, 4:30pm
The best experts from INSEAD meet the leaders in Italy's healthcare. Milano October 25th 2020

Workshop 1: Lean Healthcare - Doing it the Toyota Way
10/7/11, 10:30am
How can lean manufacturing (i.e. Toyota-style) techniques contribute to efficiency gains in healthcare by optimising the productive working time of healthcare practitioners?

Workshop 2: New Models for Payer-Pharma Cooperation
10/7/11, 10:30am
How can companies approach payers with strategies that deliver the evidence payers need to grant reimbursement, while creating value for their own products?

Workshop 3: The Role of Private Equity in Healthcare
10/7/11, 10:30am
How do private equity companies contribute to the development of the healthcare sector in developed and emerging markets? What attracts private equity and how can companies needing financing make their businesses a candidate for investment?

Workshop 4: What Will Be the “Killer App” for the Healthcare Consumer?
10/7/11, 10:30am
Wondering when the promised IT revolution for healthcare consumers will actually happen? Wondering IF it will ever happen? If so, join us for a lively debate and exchange on the future of IT in healthcare!

Workshop 5: Value chain disintegration - winning strategy or tactical cost-cutting?
10/7/11, 10:30am
How value chain disintegration will drive new business models for insurgents and incumbents

INSEAD Healthcare Alumni Summit Registration
10/6/11, 12:45pm

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Healthcare in Europe Transforming policy, systems and funding
03/17/11, 12:00am
March 17th 2020 Hotel Le Richemond, Geneva
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INSEAD Alumni Meeting @ JP Morgan Healthcare Conference
01/10/11, 12:00am

PharMBA Dinner (Paris, France)
12/16/10, 8:00pm
Dinner with JJ Codani (GenomeQuest), J.C. Renondin (Bryan, Garnier)