Presentations released by the 2020 Summit speakers are available by clicking on the links below.

6-7 October 2020, Berlin

For more than a decade, international healthcare events organized by INSEAD and its alumni have provided unique networking forums for the healthcare industry. The Summit is organized by the INSEAD Healthcare Alumni Network, representing the more than 2000 INSEAD alumni working in the healthcare industry and related sectors.

This unique, interactive conference took place in Berlin, one of the most vibrant European cities where industry leaders met on October 6 and 7, 2020. The improved format of the 2020 Summit includeds expanded networking opportunities, keynote speeches, a range of focused workshops, issue panels and - new this year - interviews with industry CEOs.

Incumbents & Insurgents

The summit looked at industry "Incumbents & Insurgents". An aging population, better disease understanding, evolving patterns of care, technological innovation, budget constraints: all these factors mean that future health needs and healthcare delivery will be very different from today‘s. As a result, major change is already underway in the healthcare industry.

In this rapidly changing context, the conference addressed questions such as:

  • Who is driving the change and who will be the winners (and losers) in this environment?
  • Can incumbents adapt their business models?
  • Will the insurgents make inroads into this complex and highly regulated industry?



Day 1:  Thursday, 6 October 2020


09:00 (180')

Workshop on "Social Entrepreneurship in Healthcare"co-organised with the INSEAD Social Entrepreneurship Programme

13:30 (20')

Welcome – Prof. Stefan Willich, Director, Institute for Social Medicine, Charité Berlin and Dr. Chandra P. Leo, President, INSEAD Healthcare Alumni Network

13:50 (40')

Keynote Address – Dr. David-Alexandre Gros, Chief Strategy Officer, Sanofi

14:30 (30')

Interview Session with Dr. Harald F. Stock, CEO, Grünenthal

Conducted by Melanie Senior, Bureau Chief Europe, Elsevier Business Intelligence

15:30 (90')

The Incumbents Panelmoderated by Aleksandar Ruzicic, IMS Consulting Group

Panellist 1

Gilbert Achermann, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Straumann and Siegfried

Panellist 2

Andreas R. Krebs, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Merz

Panellist 3

Prof. Bernat Soria, Director of Department of Stem Cells in CABIMER and former Minister of Health, Spain

Panellist 4

Andreas Abt, General Manager, Roche Pharma Spain


17:00 (40')

Blue Ocean Strategy - How Blue Is Your Ocean? – Lauren Mathys, Founder, Bluecrest Consulting

17:40 (10')

Closing Remarks Day 1 – Dr. Chandra P. Leo


Networking Dinner at the Radisson Blu - Speaker: David E. Duncan on 

"Creative Disruption - How to Thrive in the Coming Bio-Revolution"


Day 2:  Friday, 7 October 2020

08:30 (90')

The Insurgents Panelmoderated by Dr. Ulrich Thess, Civitas 

Panellist 1

Eduardo Bravo, Managing Director and CEO, Tigenix

Panellist 2

Elan Dekel, CEO,

Panellist 3

Dr. Timm Jessen, Managing Director, Bionamics

Panellist 4

Dr. Ewald Walgenbach, Managing Partner, BC Partners

10:00 (120')

Workshops Introduction– Steven Flostrand, IMS Consulting Group

Parallel Workshop Sessions (details below)

Workshop 1
Lean Healthcare - Doing it the Toyota Way - How can lean manufacturing (i.e. Toyota-style) techniques contribute to efficiency gains in healthcare by optimising the productive working time of healthcare practitioners?

Download the Summary: Lean Healthcare

 Workshop 2
New Models for Payer-Pharma Cooperation - How can companies approach payers with strategies that deliver the evidence payers need to grant reimbursement, while creating value for their own products?
 Workshop 3 The Role of Private Equity in Healthcare - How do private equity companies contribute to the development of the healthcare sector in developed and emerging markets? What attracts private equity and what would this source of financing mean for your business?)
 Workshop 4

What Will Be the "Killer App" for the Healthcare Consumer? - Wondering when the promised IT revolution for healthcare consumers will actually happen? Wondering IF it will ever happen? A lively debate on the future of IT in healthcare!)

 Workshop 5
Value chain disintegration - winning strategy or tactical cost-cutting? - How value chain disintegration will drive new business models for insurgents and incumbents.

13:30 (30')

Interview Session – with André-Michel Ballester, Chief Executive Officer, Sorin Group

Conducted by Steven Flostrand, IMS Consulting Group

14:00 (20')

INSEAD Healthcare Management Initiative  - The First 15 Years

Prof. Stephen Chick, INSEAD and Dr. Joe Tabet, Melcion Chassagne & Company 

14:20 (40')

"Pharma at the Crossroads: Commoditization or Disruption"

Bernard Munos, Founder, InnoThink Center 

15:00 (15')

Closing Remarks - Dr. Chandra P. Leo


View Pictures from the 2020 Summit:

View Pictures from the 2020 Summit on our own Flickr Channel.
Over 100 pictures from the 2 day summit can be viewed.

Highlight from the 2020 Summit included:

  • More Strategy: Bernard Munos (recently featured in Forbes) spoke about "Pharma at the Crossroads: Commoditization or Disruption", while INSEAD alumna Lauren Mathys discussed "Blue Ocean Strategy in Healthcare"
  • More Speakers: representatives of "incumbents" and "insurgents" from pharma, biotech, medical devices, hospitals, healthcare payers and private equity provide a range of perspectives on the future healthcare market
  • More Workshops: workshops on a variety of topics were held and encouraged lively debate and conversation! 
  • More Networking: the new two-day format allowed for even more interactions with  fellow participants from around the world, including a joint Networking Dinner over the roofs of Berlin
  • More Value: new programme elements included on-stage interviews with healthcare CEOs and an optional Satellite Meeting on "Social Entrepreneurship in Healthcare"